Top Testing Trends for 2018


Since the last decade, software testing industries has seen an overwhelming evolution in market. This rapid software testing growth is not just because of current technologies and development but also, it’s growing due to testers as well who are continuously developing their skills as well. We bringing you some of the top testing trends in current market.

Following are the top trends in Software Testing:

  1. Use of Open Source tools
  • The growth of software testing required the tools and technologies for it. For the any product, the strategy is always to make less budget of software testing and so most of the time testing team choose the open source product instead taking some costly licensed tool. This adaption of open source tools will be the vital part in software testing.
  1. Rapid growth of Automation Testing
  • Software testing is not just only about making human efforts for test your application or product. The introduction of test automation is take big effect in software testing market for current trend. Many of the companies now remodeling they testing strategy with inclusion of automation.
  • Selenium is open source vastly used test automation tool with Appium, open source mobile automation tool. Companies can use this tools for automation for the Smoke Testing, Regression testing and functional testing as well for their product.
  1. Application Performance Testing
  • As in recent time, many product failures caused due to not reaching the data demands and sometimes system performance These failure leads now companies to test the site performance as well. It always a question for any product that How well it can handle a particular load.
  • Companies is now going with Load testing, performance testing, stress testing and many testing approaches to conclude the product stability.
  1. Digital Transformation
  • The goal of software testing is always to have the customer satisfaction and it’ll be only achieved by extensive testing for the product or application. Digital transformation is main part for this to secure the customer data, also digital transformation is needed in multiple systems and most of the time it’s a mobile component as well.
  1. (Big) Data Management
  • The outbreak in software testing will lead testing in every aspect. The introduction of IoT and new technology now require some more testing strategy to support the large data capacity. For this the tester should have good knowledge of Data Management and need to grasp the more knowledge of Big Data. Most common Big Data platform is Hadoop and tester should have knowledge of it.
  1. The Cloud
  • The cloud transformation is also a big thing in current technologies and will be for next several years. Industries like insurance and finance are turning their business in to cloud now due to rapid growth of cloud in current market. There are many companies also looking for the cloud testing platform for the accelerating their testing.
  • For the cloud testing the main goal of the tester is to get idea about the different cloud solutions like public, private or hybrid.
  1. Agile (or DevOps) Practices
  • Companies are most of looking for different SDLC or STLC approach. Agile is one of the best SDLC approach and many companies have adapted this as their default approach for SDLC. As Agile continues, on the other hand companies are also looking for the DevOps as well now.
  • For the larger teams and big projects DevOps helps to improve the collaboration of teams and increase the automation for the software. This includes the Continues Development and Integration. Most of the companies also integrating the Security also for their DevOps practice.
  1. IoT
  • I believe that IoT is Next Tech boom. We are steeping in the era of connected Devices. Software and applications that connect hardware to the Internet or with each other bring great concerns for the IoT project QA team. It’s hard to establish security and define the right testing tools. According to a HP study, 70 percent of devices in the Internet of Things are vulnerable to security problems. So certainly its next biggest opportunity for QA.
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