Tesbo – For the Tester, by the tester

The first question will definitely come into your mind when you’re starting to read this article, What is Tesbo? but before that, we’ll start with Why is Tesbo and all your answer will be there itself.

  • Why is Tesbo?
    Let’s start with talking about the manual testing team, as a manual tester you’re always willing to switch to the automation testing, then again you faced problems like learn the programming language, adapt the automation testing frameworks and many more. Definitely, you’ll need time to learn those things and again when you’re with the job it’s not easy as you think, and always I saw manual tester couldn’t get enough pay because they don’t know automation testing. There is something always come into your mind that why there’s no tool where I can just write the steps and verification and automatically converted to the automation scripts, something like BDD.

Indeed she is right, Tesbo is the hybrid test framework that is built upon the keyword driven and represent the test similar to a behavior driven approach. Tesbo supports the developing functional test scripts for the mobile and web application. The main idea to develop tesbo is to reduce the time and effort to develop test scripts.

What is BDD or behavior driven approach?

Moreover, Tesbo isn’t limited to help the manual or non-technical person who doesn’t have good programming knowledge, Tesbo helps Automation Tester too with its feature like Easy to maintain, less programming so as low maintenance and many things.

Tesbo is useful to Manual Tester, Automation Tester, Performance Tester (who always willing to try Automation as secondary skill but failed due to lack of programming knowledge), Leads, manager and even stakeholders who can also try small Tesbo command to design Test scripts!

Let’s see a small demo of how Tesbo looks like doing automation testing.

Definitely, it’s always you dreamed about since you came in the testing field. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

Let’s see the best features about the Tesbo in our next article.

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