Setup Eclipse IDE

We have successfully set up the Java Environment, after setting up the environment our next step will be to install an IDE, IDE is an Integrated Development Environment used for writing our Automation code. There are many other different Environments are there like Netbeans and IntelliJ IDEA, we’re going to use Eclipse IDE for this course.

Setup Eclipse

  • Go to Download page fo the Eclipse – Download
  • Select your OS version 32-bit or 64 bit and download the Eclipse installer.
  • After Download completed, double click on the installer to start the installation. You’ll see the below screen.
  • Select suitable IDE for you from the list of IDEs, Here I’m selecting Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
  • Select the Installation folder where you want to download your Eclipse.
  • Click on the Install button to start the installation. You’ll be prompt to accept the Terms and Conditions, accept it and move ahead.
  • Finally, it’ll start to install the Eclipse in your system. It’ll take time depends on your system configurations.
  • Once it’ll installed completely you’ll see the Launch button in the installer, you can click on the Launch button or you can directly open the installer directly and from there can also open Eclipse
  • Finally, you’re ready for use Eclipse IDE, select your workspace and you’re ready to GO!
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