Features of Tesbo

In the Previous article, we have seen What is Tesbo and how easy to work on it without using the code much.

If you haven’t checked yet, What you’re waiting for – Tesbo

Now its time to look what are features you’ll find in the Tesbo, will definitely amaze you!

  • Easy to use

Tesbo is designed such a way that you definitely don’t need to code much. What you need is a list of your locators, your scripts in suite file and configuration of your script. You need to pass normal plain text in the Suite file and Tesbo will do everything. It’s easy to use definitely when you’re not dealing with the bunch of codes. Even you can run your code parallel with multiple browsers with just configuring names in your properties file.

  • Low Maintenance

Again, the big advantage of the Tesbo is its design to reduce the time and effort to develop test scripts. So when you have fewer codes and fewer files in your project definitely you don’t need maintenance more. Again tesbo locators are also intelligent enough to find if it’s XPath, id, name or anything, you just need to pass your locator text. It’ll lower maintain to check locators of your project every time. Tesbo needs no binaries also to run your browsers. it’ll automatically track your browsers and run your script on it. No maintenance for changing the drivers everytime you update your browsers!

  • Reusability

Tesbo commands are designed that you can also use same commands in other scripts too, You can define a collection in Tesbo once and you can use that collection in every place you need that lines of code without writing it every time.

  • Cross Browser Supports

Tesbo also supports multiple browser testing, like above said tesbo don’t need browser binaries, mention your browser name and Tesbo will automate it. Even Tesbo can run those browser parallel on multiple systems too for the automation!

  • Keyword & Data Driven Testing

Like mentioned, Tesbo is the Hybrid Framework, it also uses Keyword driven approach for the testing, also can work with Data-Driven Approach. Tesbo supports Excel files to take your data and pass it to the script. Again how easy that is, Pass your Excel File path and Tesbo will take care of other things. Tesbo has also command DataSet, you can also pass your data manually to run your automation with Keyword Driver Approach. Not a single but Tesbo can handle multiple sheets as well!

  • Selenium Grid Support

Tired of the running script on the single machine? Tesbo has Grid support for you too. You can run your script parallel on different Machin with Selenium Grid concept too in Tesbo. Again no more coding make small changes in your properties file and Tesbo will continue to work on.

  • Full Analytics and Reporting

Tesbo implemented, added files, run the script without coding, script passed. Cool! Everything is done by Tesbo now what about the reports.  Again Tesbo is not only executing your scripts but Tesbo is also designed the Test Reports as well. Everyone knows how important the Tes Reports are in the Tes Automation. Tesbo has inbuilt functionality for the test reporting, Tesbo creates test reports for you once your execution is done and again captures the screenshots as well when your code is failing. How easy to debug what failed and where!

Not limited to this features, tesbo also has features like CI Integration, Multiple tool supports, Tes Management, and Random Data Functions libraries.

The introduction is done, Features are done, I believe you guys already eager to work with Tesbo, Let’s jump and set up the Tesbo configuration for your project.

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