Codeless Selenium Automation

With time the size and complexity of software development process are increasing at a rapid pace. In this situation, it is extremely difficult for a manual tester to test a huge application with own expertise and experience. Moreover, there must exist bugs in an application due to human errors. To avoid this typical issue, the industry is now depending on the software to test their applications with more accuracy. This software is otherwise known as automation testing tools and it helps the automation testers to get a better and efficient end product. Moreover, automation testing tool helps in decreasing the need for human effort and hence increasing the productivity of the organization. On the other hand, it is extremely reliable to test a specific function of an application repeatedly through a single test case that can be run multiple times which results in the efficient management of resources. Hence automation testing tools like QTP and Selenium are in huge demand in the industry.

Automation testing is an attractive option for those who desire to quicken the testing phase and eliminate the mundane manual testing activities. However, it has not been easy to automate large test suites owing to the time and effort the task demands.

Since some traditional testing tools rely on codes and programs to automate a test scenario, automation becomes time-consuming and technically challenging. But with the new generation of testing tools that claim to be script-less, this notion is changing.

Why has Codeless Automation needed?

In the current market, automation testers have realized the codeless automation is easy than moving with coding skills for automation. There are plenty of reasons for that.

  • It’s easy to create & interact with the GUI script with codeless selenium.
  • It’s easy for automating the scenario from the person who has less or none coding skills.
  • The complex test script can be maintained easily as no coding is there.
  • Test scripts can be reviewed by domain experts and business analysts.
  • With no automation, there is increased test coverage.
  • Easy to maintain and make changes.

How is it Codeless?

Most automated testing tools that claim to generate script-less test scripts still rely on basic pieces of programs to test a scenario. But to create this test script, or to modify it, one does not need to do hard-core coding.
Moreover, you also need not have any language-specific training to test case or change recorded test scripts. However, you can just learn a tool to automate a test case. You can go through the user manual provided with the testing tools to learn about the tool.

The Benefits – Codeless Automation Testing

  • Codeless is Economical: Conventional testing tools require a lot of investment. They are also costlier than open source tools and need development of testing environments. If you have a technical expert to create, run, and maintain these tests, this cost is definitely going to add up.
  • Codeless is user-friendly: Code based automation can be tricky and can make you frustrated. However, codeless automation has an intuitive GUI, which makes test creation faster and easier. Thus, even a manual tester can easily perform automation who may not have the required technical skills.
  • Codeless has an integration option with a lot of features: Codeless automation can transform a basic testing platform into an entire test suite by integrating test management and issue management features.
  • Codeless facilitates Agile: Any tester, developer, or project manager can collaborate on the testing process irrespective of their abilities. Moreover, the detailed report can help the team to be on the same page.

Video for TestCraft Codeless Selenium Webinar


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