Changing the Jenkins service port

Pre-Requisites :

Jenkins is already installed in the system. If not click here to install the Jenkins.

Sometimes it may happen after Jenkins installed in 8080 port but the port is also might be used somewhere else. For that, the solution is you can change the Jenkins port to other port so that the conflicting with another service would be resolved.

You should have installed the Jenkins first.

Changing the Jenkins port from 8080.

  1. Go to the directory where you installed the Jenkins (By default, it is under Program Files/Jenkins
  2. Open the Jenkins.xml from the Jenkins directory.
  3. Search “–httpPort=8080” and replace the “8080” with the new port number that you wish. (i.e. 8282)
  4. Save and exit the file and restart the Jenkins with the new URL. http://localhost:8282/
  5. If you have downloaded the war file instead of installation, you can also change the port by running the war file in command/terminal as below.

java -jar jenkins.war --httpPort=8282

Note: If your Jenkins isn’t started in registered new port, you might need to restart the Jenkins service as well. 

You’ll find your Jenkins running in 8282 port instead of 8080.

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