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You can find all the Selenium Tutorials on the below GitHub URL of the STep2QA Repository. Repository URL: Chapters Chapter 1 – Running Selenium Script in browsers Chapter 2 – Basic WebDriver Commands
In the last section, we’ve successfully run our Java code for executing the Chrome browser, in this section we’re going to see how we can start the firefox browser. If in case you didn’t look how to run chrome browser, yo can follow below URL. Open Eclipse IDE, and create a new Project, Package and […]
After successfully set up the Eclipse IDE, let’s start with creating the class for the automation and implement the Automation Suite to move ahead with our automation tests. Setting up Eclipse Environment To open the Eclipse IDE, double click on eclipse file. Once Eclipse open, browse your workspace to save your program. Click on Launch […]

Selenium is an open-source tool which is used to Automate Web applications which are Application under Test(AUT) in order to perform Regression Testing of applications. Selenium is a suite of tools wh

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