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More about Appium Architecture. How to Set up Appium in Windows. 1) What is Appium? • Appium is an open-source tool for automating Native, Mobile Web, and Hybrid applications on iOS and Android platforms. More • Appium is “cross-platform”: it allows us to write tests for multiple platforms (iOS, Android), using the same API. This […]

1. What is Jmeter? •    A multifunctional open source software testing tool with huge online community support and a large database of fans. •    Jmeter is developed in Java. Due to its plug

Question 1: What is Selenium? Answer: Selenium is a browser automation tool which lets you automated operations like – type, click, and selection from a drop-down of a web page. Question 2: How is S

If you don’t know what is Cucumber and BDD – check out here. What is Cucumber? The cucumber is a tool based on Behavior Driven Development (BDD) framework which is used to write acceptance tests for the web application. It allows automation of functional validation in easily readable and understandable format to Business Analysts, Developers, […]
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