The first question will definitely come into your mind when you’re starting to read this article, What is Tesbo? but before that, we’ll start with Why is Tesbo and all your answer will be there itself. Why is Tesbo? Let’s start with talking about the manual testing team, as a manual tester you’re always willing […]

After Runners and Locators, the third and most important part of the Tesbo is Suite. Suite package contains all the suite file where your Test Scripts are defined. You need to write your test scripts

As we have seen in the previous article, Tesbo has it’s own template for design the Test Script. If you’ve missed that one, you can visit it from here. Let’s look at the Tesbo Structure and files one by one. TestRunner TestRunner is the main Test Runner invocation class provide by Tesbo itself. You don’t […]

In the previous article, we already have seen the Tesbo is not just a normal tool but it’s a tool that you imagined in your life for automation. Definitely, you’re excited for the implemen

In the Previous article, we have seen What is Tesbo and how easy to work on it without using the code much. If you haven’t checked yet, What you’re waiting for – Tesbo Now its time

I used to get questions from people asking about how they can automate the mobile browsers via Selenium. I guess everyone knows the answers is we can’t automate the Mobile Browsers or App with Selenium alone. The problem is Selenium needs a medium to communicate with the browser and you know it’s the Appium. Appium […]

As an automation engineer, I believe you have always set the path for the browser binary. You will know that in order to use some browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, PhantomJS, Microsoft Edge, or

I noticed many times in the interview, you’ll find the question always about the difference between some words or terminology used in QA like Bug, Defect, Failure etc. Most people I see are really confused about this types of questions and give random answers which affect their interview. The question most probably asked the freshers. […]
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