I used to get questions from people asking about how they can automate the mobile browsers via Selenium. I guess everyone knows the answers is we can’t automate the Mobile Browsers or App with Selenium alone. The problem is Selenium needs a medium to communicate with the browser and you know it’s the Appium. Appium […]

As an automation engineer, I believe you have always set the path for the browser binary. You will know that in order to use some browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, PhantomJS, Microsoft Edge, or

I noticed many times in the interview, you’ll find the question always about the difference between some words or terminology used in QA like Bug, Defect, Failure etc. Most people I see are really confused about this types of questions and give random answers which affect their interview. The question most probably asked the freshers. […]

  Since the last decade, software testing industries has seen an overwhelming evolution in market. This rapid software testing growth is not just because of current technologies and development b

  Every organization needs testing of their product and every organization has their own testing team to test the product before its release. But sometimes happens due to tight deadlines you can

  It is always important to have the favorable result every time you do testing of your product, and also, it’s important to achieve the bug-free product. Sometimes it’s an achievable task but sometimes testing is an infinite task, so when testing came to an infinite task? how to identify that the product is now […]

  The V–model is an SDLC model where execution of processes happens in a sequential manner in a V-shape. It is also known as Verification and Validation model. The V-Model is an exte

Uploading a file is a common piece of functionality found on the web. But when trying to automate it you get prompted with a with a dialog box that is just out of reach for Selenium. In these cases, p

  In the current age, software testing is become the necessity, because as human or machine, everyone makes mistakes and these mistakes are expensive or also sometimes cost lives as well. Let’s get an example, you’re cooking a dish and your taste that every time to ensure your dish tastes good and so you add […]
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